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About Nature Spa Chance Harbour and Thermal Therapy

We specialize in thermal therapy and offer a wide range of spa activities.

We have a set rate of $46 for a day pass


The spa day pass includes the use of the cabana to relax by a fire, enjoy food and drinks (bring your own), a Finland wood fired sauna, hot pool nestled in nature, a vapour steam room, shower/ change rooms. Thermotherapy at its finest, nature trails and the beach. Become a polar bear and take the plunge into the Bay of Fundy.


Upon your arrival you will be greeted with a tour of the spa and an explanation on how to do thermal therapy.


For your comfort, please bring a robe, towel, bathing suit, extra pair of shoes, food and refreshments.


Finland Sauna

Nature Spa Chance Harbor’s wood burning sauna is ideal for heat therapy. Although untraditional in western society, heat therapy has a number of benefits and is often used for rehabilitation purposes because it can relieve joint stiffness, muscle spasm and reduce inflammation caused by injuries. Heat therapy is also great for the cardiovascular system (Veins, Arteries and Heart).

When heat is applied to the body the muscles relax and the deeper the heat reaches the more the muscles loosen. Deep heat therapy (achieved by slow body heating) causes the tissue around the smaller arteries and capillaries (The smallest veins in your body) to expand because the muscles around the arteries and veins are extremely relaxed; This then allows blood to flow more smoothly throughout the body, speeding the heart rate and decreasing blood pressure.


Coldwater submersion


The natural spring is an asset to the thermal therapy treatment. Chance Harbour’s waterfall and spring stays at a constant cold temperature – perfect for engaging the body in the cold shock response. We also encourage you to dive into the ocean and experience the intense cold of the Atlantic!  The exposure to cold water after heating the body’s internal temperature triggers a cold shock response. This response begins with the body taking an involuntary gasp of air and then the blood vessels constrict to conserve warmth. Immediately after the heart rate decreases.. From this response your body releases hormones that stimulates the immune system. Chemicals are also released by the lymphoid system in the process. Because the lymphatic system lacks a “pump” the heating and cooling of the body helps lymph muscles dilated and contract to essentially move stagnant fluid from the body. The releases of the chemicals are great for the body and is often referred to as “detoxing.”

Hot Pool


End your thermal experience in the hot pool. The hot pool helps with arthritis gout and back pain along with all the benefits of the sauna. The salt water and chlorine pool supports the bodies weight and sooth joints and relaxes muscles. The jets in our hot pool are perfect for relieving lower back pain and soothing muscles as well as restoring and preserving muscle strength. It’s also worth noting that many people report getting a better night’s sleep after doing the thermal cycle.


You can do this rotation as many times as you like. It's important to re-hydrate continuously throughout the day.

Polar Bear's Cafe

Come to the Polar Bear Cafe and enjoy the wood burning stove, the smell of coffee in the air and the warm atmosphere. Offering coffee, tea, healthy snacks and water. 

Overnight Accommodations 

We offer overnight Accommodations for our guests. Please see "stay" on the top of our menu for more information on our overnight accommodations. 


Nature Spa Chance Harbour also has nature trails to explore and paddle boards for rental. We will do our best to accommodate everyone, therefore please call in advance if you have mobility issues. Also be advised, pregnant women and people with high blood pressure or serious health concerns should speak to their doctor before using Saunas or Hot tubs. Children Under the age 16 are not permitted on the premise.

Overnight Accommodations, and Massages are available with Advance Reservations. 

If you have a group larger then 10 please make a reservation for day passes. 

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